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I’m Marie and I’m so happy to welcome you to Alma Amor Wellness Centre in the beautiful town of Ollantaytambo. When I first arrived here in 2012 my breath was taken by the mountains. I felt totally immersed in nature and was fascinated by the exciting Inka and pre-Inka history. Local people welcomed me, showed me the hidden treasures of the area and taught me their traditions and customs. I shared by business skills and helped renovate a local family’s hotel, until I returned to my original dream of creating a healing centre on sacred ground.

So, this is it …..Alma Amor Wellness Centre. My mission is to fully support your decision to make positive healthy living choices and to soak up every sacred gift this town has to offer. If you want to experience healing at ancient sites that are off the traditional tourist track you came to the right place.

We have a range of services, classes and therapies. We offer monthly membership for residents, for tourists we have drop-in classes and services by reservation on-site or on-line. Please follow us on facebook and watch for our special offers and combos that we regularly promote and keep abreast of our continued development.

My vegan restaurant is an integral part of the centre, providing nourishment to your body and soul. I seek to promote food as a medicine, prepared with love to complement other activities for your total wellbeing. If you are not feeling your best, we can find you a suitable medicinal tea, pick you up with a vitamin packed extraction or soothe you with one of our alternative, super healthy lattes. You can also treat yourself to a dessert, regardless of any allergies or dietary restrictions, you are catered to here. 



About Marie:

My first degree was in business which lead to a career and masters degree in Human Resources, my second was raising 2 children, my third was to retrain in nutrition, life coaching and psychotherapy which I found was complemented by my interest in energy work, chakras and practicing reiki to master/teacher level. My current project employs every qualification, life skill and interest I have ever undertaken, it stretches and challenges
me in every way and I love it!