Full Body Massage

60 MINUTES S/100 • 90 MINUTES S/130

Full body massage is designed to relieve pain and tension throughout the body. This massage penetrates the deepest layer of muscles, connective tissue and tendons and is extremely beneficial. Schedule a deep tissue massage to prepare for Machu Picchu or to recover and rejuvenate your body after the Inka Trail.


Couples Massage

60 MINUTES S/200 • 90 MINUTES S/300

Experience the healing effects of a deep tissue massage as a couple. Our massage room is equipped with two tables so you can share this experience with your partner.


90 MINUTES S/120

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.The word Reiki means 'Universal Energy' and refers to the energy that flows in and around every living being. Other holistic practises describe the same concept of energy e.g 'chi' in China upon which Acupuncture works, 'prana' in India upon which Yoga focuses and 'ki' in Japan. Reiki treats the person as a whole, including the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Schedule your session today to experience relaxation, peace and wellbeing. 


Private Yoga Class

60 or 90 minutes price upon inquiry

Would you like a more individually attuned yoga session with personal attention to go deeper into your yoga practice, or does our class schedule not work for you? Book an individual yoga class with out teacher and immerse yourself in the healing power of this timeless practice.


Sweat Lodge "Temazcal"

s/100 per person (based on minimum of 4 people)• 3-4 hours duration. start time: 3pm•Minimum 48 hours advance reservation

“Temazcal” is a prehispanic bath that was widespread among the cultures of Meso-America. Its root name “Nahua” means steam house (Temaz – steam, calli – home). Its historical use as a therapeutic, ritual and ceremonial practice survives today thanks to the oral tradition of the various indigenous communities.

It’s constructed of sticks and leaves, skins or blankets (know as Toritos) that surround a circular pit in a low circular tent formation. Rocks are heated in a fire and then introduced to the pit. A medicinal plant infusion, typically including eucalyptus is poured over the stones which are inhaled whilst trance inducing chants and drumming can be heard until silence takes over.

This is a mind and body experience. Through deep relaxation a state of introspection, reflection, mindfulness and peace can be achieved. The healing plants have a purification effect on the respiratory and digestive tract whilst toning the nervous system. The heat helps any bone and muscle problems and encourages the removal of toxins through sweating. The process is supported by a detoxing refreshment and a cool water rinse.

The termazcal is not suitable for people with hypertension, pregnant women or people who suffer from claustrophobia.




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