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Here at Alma Amor, we want to support Ollantaytambo to become a destination. For you to see the magnificent architecture, get a taste of the Inca and pre-inca history, enjoy the mysticism and experience some of the modern day practices and alternative values of indigenous communities. For you to have a real Peruvian mountain experience and go home with your batteries fully recharged. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stay below the enchanting gaze of Tunupa (messenger of the god Viracocha, the creator of nature in its purety) in a town built for nobility by Emperor Pachecutec?

Here you are surrounded by beautiful nature rich mountains, where you can refuel and benefit from natural healing practices old and new. There’s no need to be herded on a bus to principal sites at silly o’clock in the morning only to get Inka tiered out! We have the alternative, right here……….


Sacred Sites

Two day tour visiting sacred sites in a Ollantaytambo. We visit 4 sites: an incredibly carved sacred altar, we climb to Tunupa’s crown, we hike to a mountain door way called Inti Punku and rest at some Inca pools that were part of the Inca’s irrigation system. At each place, we meditate and connect with one of the four elements of the Inca tradition. This tour is both invigorating and healing. For food, there is a vegan lunch and a box lunch provided by Alma Amor Restaurant. For this hike, you need to be at an above average to good fitness level, bring a hat and put on suntan lotion. Minimum 4 people, maximum 11. For prices, itinerary and accommodations please contact us below.


Ollanta's Hidden Secrets

This is a half-day tour exploring the ancient dwellings built by Pachacutec. See the fine stone work and impressive doorways, visit an original house, see raw quinoa, maca and other local produce, hear about the local customs and traditions that are still being maintained today. You will then be guided through the fields to the dwelling of an Inca nobleman the over looks the Urubamba river. You will be guided back for a 3-course lunch at Alma Amor Restaurant. This tour requires a minimum 2 people and a maximum of 8. For prices, itinerary and accommodation please contact us below.

Mountain Village Traditional Arts 

Be greeted with a necklace of flowers in the mountain village of Huilloc. The local ladies will show you how to dye wool from sheep and alpacas, how they weave it on unique looms that they make themselves and demonstrate a selection of their work. Then assist a local Shaman make an offering to the earth and ask for your good fortune, health and anything you specifically desire in your life. The location is breathtaking and you can’t fail to achieve a real connection with nature with such loving people. They will even dress you up in their traditional clothes for a fun photo opportunity.  This tour requires a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 10. For prices, itinerary and accommodations please contact us below.


Pachamama (Non-Vegan)

Pachamanca means ‘earth pot’ in Quechua. The Andean culture gave food an important place in the religious ceremonies dedicated to nature. Pachamama, or mother earth, represents fertility and life, and the dish cooked under the earth, represents the interaction between mother (the earth), and son (the produce). The preparation procedure involves making a deep hole in the earth with hot stones, creating a natural oven. A selection from the thousand varieties of potatoes the Inca’s propagated, habas (broad beans) choclos (white corn), herbs, and various marinated pieces of meat, lamb or beef, chicken, alpaca, guinea pig (or trout if your prefer). The meat, is wrapped in banana leaves and then all ingredients are placed directly over the hot stones, and then covered with leaves to create a ‘natural pot’ inside the earth. After 3 hours, the food is removed, becoming then a fabulous banquet. You can help prepare the Pachamanca, then continue up the mountain to see the community and be delivered back in time to open the earth oven and enjoy your lunch. For prices, itinerary and accommodations please contact us below.


Astonishing views of The Sacred Valley

Ollantaytambo is surrounded by hiking gems. Walk through a green valley, through terraces and up steep stairs to a mysterious rock-cut doorway, trace the Incan steps above Ollanta to the granaries of Pinkuylluna or discover hidden quarries.