At Alma Amor we regularly offer classes and events. Our weekly yoga classes offer the opportunity to keep your yoga practice up while travelling or to experience this ancient movement art for the first time. It is also an excellent opportunity to come and see our centre and to meet our team! Our Monday yoga class is followed by a meditation that can be attended separately.

Every month we connect to the changing seasons and the passage of time by celebrating the full moon. We use the strong lunar energy to recharge ourselves and let go of things we no longer need. Come and join us next full moon to share this experience with us!



Mon/Thur @ 6.30PM • 60 MINUTES •

Add intention and energy to your practice. Come to our weekly classes taught by Sharmila Kaur Yoga and enjoy and hour-long yoga and meditation session. Mats and blocks available for rental.

Ceremonia de la Luna Llena

Oct 24 / 8PM • 60 MINUTES

Monthly full moon ceremony. Bring what you want to release, drop it into fire and meditate on what you want to replace that with. We meet at the centre and experience outside weather-permitting. Sign up with the form below!



Monday @ 7.30PM •30 MINUTES

Join the end of our Monday yoga classes for guided meditation or call or email us to set up a private meditation session with  Sharmila Kaur Yoga at our centre.

Reiki I

By Appointment

In addition to Reiki sessions, we also provide courses in Reiki. For more information please fill out the form below.


Nuestra Instructora de Yoga: Sharmila Kaur (Alicia Vargas)

Nacida en Lima, Perú, y actualmente viviendo en Ollantaytambo. Empezó su práctica de yoga un poco más de 5 años atrás y en el 2014 tuvo su primera formación en Raja Yoga en Argentina. Posteriormente se formó en QiYo Yoga y Krama Vinyasa Yoga, ambos programas avalados por la Yoga Alliance. Desde hace 3 años viene compartiendo clases de yoga privadas y grupales en distintos espacios y centros, desde corporativos hasta al aire libre. Además, realiza sesiones de meditación, coaching espiritual y lecturas del alma.

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